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Yoga during pregnancy

Online yoga course for pregnant women:

  • Learn to transform fear into anticipation
  • Experience deep connection with your baby
  • Create a positive image of your birth
  • certified course management
  • Yoga and meditations for a fulfilling pregnancy journey.


beautiful mom-to-be.

You want to start with yoga & personal development....
strengthen your body awareness through yoga
connect with your baby in meditation, among other things
Prepare yourself positively for your birth with coaching
Learn relaxation methods and enjoy time for yourself
transform the fear of birth into anticipation

Known from

Module overview

Module 1 | MY BODY MY TEMPLE ~ Bow to yourself

Module 2 | PERSONAL EXPANSION ~ Knowledge creates wisdom
Module 3 | WOMB WISDOM ~ Open yourself to nature
BONUS MATERIAL | Tone, Chant Mantra, Rituals & Routines
+ Jessy's best audio recordings for the birth

4 different yoga sessions

For All trimesters suitable and both for Yoga beginners, as well as for experienced yogis ideal.

5 relaxing meditations

among others with the topics: Connection with your Baby, working with your Subconsciousto transfomeir fear into anticipation, inner child & more

3 transformative coaching sessions

For each module a Impulse talk with valuable Knowledge, new Perspectives and one each matching Meditation.

2 helpful breathing exercises

Learn with 2 concrete techniqueshow you can use your Nervous system regulate and protect you from Stress & Tension free > valuable in the Pregnancy, during the Birth and as a mom

3 essential knowledge workshops

Dive into Routines & Rituals, learn how your Nervous system and your Subconscious tick and why this is so important to know when you are pregnant

Exclusive community

Access to our exclusive Baby Bliss Communitywhere you will find a safe environment and a circle of women for all your questions about becoming and being a mom.

Voices of participants

The course has reminded me again and again to take good care of my body and to she to love. I feel more connected to my power and inner wisdom.

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Jessy is the best company in this special time: Her yoga sequences are a blessing for the body & mind, because with her I can switch off and dive completely into myself can. It was so beautiful in the meditations the To feel connection with my baby and make contact.

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Your presence is so filled with basic trust and me inspires Your approach to pregnancy & birth. I am enthusiastic from this course!

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The Yoga sessions do me so much good, they create a Space for me & my baby and support me to love my body, despite changes. The Breathing exercises have also helped me with the nausea at first very helped. I so like to make the Meditations in bed in the morning to be in touch right away. Thanks a lot!

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Baby Bliss

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Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher

Immediate activation to all course content

Lifetime access

secure payment processing

free cancellation within 24h

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Expert recommendation

Jessy inspires personal growth through her open & authentic way in professional accompanimentAs a doula recommend I highly recommend the course for expectant moms, as the content is essential as a basis for a relaxed, loving pregnancy and a self-determined birth.

From coaching to yoga up to the Theta Healing Meditation, this course includes everything that is needed. No expectant family should be without these tools.

Vanessa Helmer-Wegscheider, doula from Munich, accompanies women in pregnancy, during birth and in the puerperium

Baby Bliss

this online course can support you...

feel good in your body with yoga during pregnancy

truly relax through yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and mediation
to experience a self-determined and positive birth preparation
strengthen the connection with your unborn baby
Build more body awareness
feel and follow your intuition more clearly
acquire valuable knowledge to make informed decisions
to really give you time for yourself during pregnancy

Your passionate
Yoga Teacher & Coach

Jessy is trained in, among other things.

  • Hatha Yoga | YIN Yoga | Yoga-Nidra (deep relaxation) | Prenatal Yoga
  • Meditation | Cacao Ceremonies | Mantra
  • Specialized in Self-Care based Yoga & Personality Development through Yoga.
  • 500h E-RYT training, IYI & Yoga Alliance certified
  • Further education in Ayurveda, Trauma-sensitive Yoga, Yoga + Shamanism, Yoga Philosophy (Vedanta), Yoga Therapy, Meridian Science, Pranayama & Breathwork, Meditation

In addition, Jessy regularly attends advanced trainings herself and always considers herself an enthusiastic student of the holistic yoga path.

My intention

During my own pregnancy, I have experienced how much my yoga path so far has supported me in lovingly accepting and honoring the changes of the body, emotional world and mind.

The experiences of our unborn baybs in the womb and the experience of birth we can positively influence as mamas-to-be and contribute to our magical beings landing gently & peacefully here and also we as women feel this entire journey as an empowering and wonderful event.

I wish that as many new citizens of the earth as possible grow up with a strong basic trust, compassion and courage. They look to us for it. This course is about self-determination, knowledge, loving self-care and expanding our awareness for a magical time in pregnancy, during birth and as a family.

Your purchase moves the world of the little ones!

With your purchase you support the RACFO Project in Ugandawhich is run by my friend Judith Offinger.

2 % of all BABY BLISS revenue flow directly into the school fees and materials for the girls Joan Queen and Josephine. The more sales we generate, the more children we can support!

RACFO cares for orphans, abandoned and poverty-stricken children and youth with, among other things.

  • School education
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Promotion of life skills
  • Talent development in the fields of sports, theater, dance & music

Let's stay in touch

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What is it for you, that really counts in Life? Setting clear priorities is key for me these days ~ and also the reason why i will stay off the screens for a while longer.

I Hope your Journey into the new year felt easefull & conscious 🙏🏻✨🤍


My priorities this year are my Family, my health & how my physical Body feels (Not good at the Moment) and there is a completely new way for me to order my finances, get my Altersvorsorge going 🚀, Invest and gain Knowledge, which feels so empowering, especially as a Woman and mother to a daughter.


And If that makes you feel Like "jessys got it all sorted" 🤣 I don't. My Life is bright & dark, Like the moon phases, Like Summer & Winter, Like Nature, which we are.

Yet: I reached a new level of being grateful for ALL that is.


With Love from Portugal ☀️

📷thanks @fullofjoy.isabelle for caputuring is and making Sure we don't ohave Selfies only

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A daily practice as your anchor ⚓ is possible for every lifestyle, body & family situation.

When I move Like this, I ask: "Where is she!? Where is that Essence of >her<?"

And the more i let Go, Shake, flow, stretch, sing, tone, exhale, ... the more i FEEL >HER<

And she IS powerful! And soft. And grateful. And i Just love to Connect with her.


~ find Something in your Life that leads you to your peaceful, blissfull Essence every day. From there you can face anything and all aspects of your human experience.


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Inner freedom, what does that actually mean? For me, it is the moment when something happens on the outside that I had not expected at all.

(a comment, a financial situation, someone mobbing me, I lose something, my flight gets cancelled, my baby won't fall asleep, something suddenly scares me,....)

Something throws me violently or gently off course and I notice how I inwardly (!) (because no one sees this from the outside)

how I remain completely calm
how i am grounded
how i feel safe
how my body does NOT react with an increased pulse rate
how my nervous system does not jump into sympathetic, that is fight, flight or freeze

I remain calm inside. I reflect. Breathe.

And then I make a move.

This is also called R E S I L I E N Z

>>> and the cool thing is, we can practice it! At the cellular level with our body.

>>>> we can teach our physical body to be safe and change our response to stressors.

THAT is inner freedom for me.



What does inner freedom mean to you?

What does inner Freedom mean to you?

Please share it ⤵️

#resilience #somaticexperiencing #somatic bodywork #resilience #yogapreneurs #innerfreedom #innerpeace #inneresindhealing

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