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Urkraft der Alpen – Pure Inspiration für ein Yoga Retreat in Österreich

Primal Power of the Alps - Pure Inspiration for a Yoga Retreat in Austria

Everyone feels it - the elemental force of the Alps. This magical attraction when snow-covered mountains stretch into the sky in front of you or the energy of the climbing winds blows towards you at the summit cross. Automatically this power awakens a spiritual side in you. You return to yourself. Your deepest inner self is stirred. For me, the Alps are pure inspiration for a yoga retreat in Austria.

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Inti Yoga Blog | Instagram

Inti Yoga Blog | Instagram

Learn more about yoga and meditation. We offer a variety of classes for all levels, personal development workshops, retreats in Austria; Portugal and Germany, guided Breathwork sessions, private classes and much more. We have great taster offers!

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Was bedeutet Selbstliebe?

What does self-love mean?

What does self-love mean? And how can you develop it? Many wish for more self-love - but what is it actually? And how can you take more time for yourself despite hectic everyday life? I share my tips and affirmations here with you.

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Mantra Singen – Befreiung des Herzens

Mantra Chanting - Liberation of the Heart

It was only when I discovered mantra chanting that I became truly free. What made me unfree were old beliefs that held me back from coming out of myself, speaking my own truth and living it.

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Tränen der Befreiung in Peru

Tears of liberation in Peru

In Peru, everything is magical anyway. All the time. Every faraway view, every breeze on your face, every ray of sun on your skin feels mystical and imbued with a deeper meaning. This is a very personal story about Peru's special magic.

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