Urkraft der Alpen – Pure Inspiration für ein Yoga Retreat in Österreich

Primal Power of the Alps - Pure Inspiration for a Yoga Retreat in Austria

Everyone feels it - the elemental force of the Alps. This magical attraction when snow-covered mountains stretch into the sky in front of you or the energy of the climbing winds blows towards you at the summit cross. Automatically this power awakens a spiritual side in you. You return to yourself. Your deepest inner self is stirred. For me, the Alps are pure inspiration for a yoga retreat in Austria.

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Was bedeutet Selbstliebe?

What does self-love mean?

What does self-love mean? And how can you develop it? Many wish for more self-love - but what is it actually? And how can you take more time for yourself despite hectic everyday life? I share my tips and affirmations here with you.

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