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Why the practice of yoga is a spiritual revolution and how it changes your life:

"Do your practise. All is coming," my teacher in Peru once said to me.

"What's to come, I'm just moving my body, right?", I thought to myself....


In yoga classes we first move our miracle body, we breathe, we practice to arrive more in the moment. Through this we become CONSCIOUS.

It is out of this CONSCIOUSNESS that the magic of yoga happens: over time, we begin to live this CONSCIOUSNESS beyond the mat. We question our lifestyle, our diet, our relationships, and perhaps even begin to ask ourselves the big questions of humanity: Who am I? What am I here for?

Who am I? What am I here for?

Instead of providing us with this one universal answer, the millennia-old yoga philosophy offers us beautiful ways to find out and experience for ourselves just that. This distinguishes it from a religion, because it invites us to go on the path ourselves, like an explorer.

In the INTI Yoga classes I accompany you completely free of performance on this path of becoming conscious. You move from thinking to feeling and establish contact with your inner universe.

Current yoga classes - online

Private Yoga Classes

Yoga + Personal Growth

For you, if you...

- want to make a lasting change

- Find yoga that fits your body, life situation & everyday life 

- feel more at home IN YOU

- want more mindfulness, self-love and movement in your daily life


➳ Preliminary talk

➳ weekly check-in

➳ individual yoga class combining personal development & yoga.



Yin Yoga

TUESDAYS live: 8:15 p.m.

Relaxed into the evening

Give the spirit a home in the body & listen to the sound of your inner world:

- a wonderfully RELAXING yoga class

- let go & stay a little longer in the positions

- reach deeper layers of tissue where pent-up emotions can be released

- enjoy a WHOLE WIDE in the body without big movements


No yoga experience required. 

Yoga Flow online

Yoga Flow

WEDNESDAYS live: 7:00 pm

Your Evening Bliss

That blissful feeling when the The result is that your body feels moved and supple, your mind is calm, and you have a clarity and inner balance.

Each week with a new focus & personal kit development woven in.


Many options for yoga beginners & those who like it a little more intense.

The live dates don't fit into your daily routine?

In our INTI video library you will find a rich selection of yoga videos: E.g. 15-minute yoga quickies, favorite flows, energy boosters, deep relaxation, sunrise sequences, move through everything, ü50 yoga, yoga nidra, meditations and much more.

Take a look :

Would you like to participate in a very special yoga class?

Selfcare Saturday - your monthly mini-retreat

Movement & Deep Relaxation

Give yourself these special 2 hours once a month and melt into your weekend wonderfully relaxed.

Each yoga sequence at INTI Yoga is individually designed and combines yoga with personal development

Straight from my heart. All for you.

Let us dive a little deeper into our true selves

& become more aware.

I am very happy for you

From my heart to yours,