Take a break, feel & connect

Selfcare Saturday - Your monthly mini retreat

Allow yourself to let go & to feel at home in yourself again

Selfcare Saturday


Your monthly mini retreat

Once a month a morning full of JOY ~ MOVEMENT awaits you here. and RELAXATION

En opportunity to connect with yourself, feel yourself and consciously take a break.


Inti Yoga Jessica Nagel

Allow yourself to let go and feel at home in yourself again. 

SELFACRE SATURDAY is a new mini-retreat every month that brings you closer to yourself. Allow yourself to feel really good: Centered, grounded, loved, light & serene with all parts of you integrated. Let the yoga practice in its diversity be your medicine.

I am infinitely looking forward to seeing you!


ॐ INTRODUCTION with Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mantra, movement or music 

ॐ 60 min YOGA gentle & refreshing for a pleasant expanse in the body

ॐ 30 min. deep relaxation lying down with a guided Yoga Nidra- Trip. Your body & mind will be ideally prepared for it 

ॐ OUTLOOK with a surprise


Comfortable clothes & yoga mat

quiet place with good internet

Warm blanket 

Give yourself a break


No yoga experience is required. Both old yoga hares and beginners will feel right at home here.  Let's dive a little deeper into our true selves. Each of my yoga sequences is individually designed.


Straight from my heart.

All for you.

Yoga Retreat Wochenende

Your body is a temple - honor it!

Once a month on Saturday


8:30 - 10:30 - energy balance 24 €

♥ I am very happy to see you ♥

From my heart to yours,


Minit Retreat Wochenende

You don't know Yoga-Nidra yet?


This is what participants say about the Yoga Nidra sequences:

"I haven't been able to relax like this in months."

"I didn't realize you could relax so deeply without sleeping."

"The Yoga Nidra session was a profound experience for me."

"I have never heard of yoga nidra before and I am thrilled!"

"My little son overheard and followed your voice to sleep."

The ancient yogic scriptures explain that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra acts on the body like 2 hours of restful sleep. Why?

You will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation, where your body and mind will truly let go of tension. This state alone creates healing in the body: the self-healing powers are stimulated, regeneration processes are initiated and the immune system is strengthened - all while you are simply lying down.

You deserve to feel complete and deeply happy

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