Inti Yoga Circle

Here is your home for close and friendly personality development

We combine yoga practice with sharing & valuable input from our experiences as dream-realizers, married couples and yogis in search of the answers to life's big questions

The INTI Circle is for you if you...

...curious are

... Sources of inspiration search

... both of us get to know each other better would like

...interest in your Personality development have

... after a yoga class sometimes the need for exchange feel after real conversations longing your glow want to come

...excited about the current INTI Circle theme are

Inti Yoga Circle Meditationskreis

Online Yoga and Meditation Circle

The INTI Yoga Circle is a circle for men, women, couples, singles, moms & dads, any age, any yoga level.
A meeting for YOU of us as dream-realizers, yogis, spouses, life-absorbers, heart-people with sensitivity, sources of inspiration, life-affirmers and ready to give.
In the upcoming Circles we will dedicate ourselves to these topics, among others: Courage, Relationship, Selfcare, Minimalism, Rituals & Routines, Dreams and more.

We open the circle and tell our personal story. About our full-time life & traveling in a camper, why we currently live in Portugal and answer your questions about digital nomadism.

So our YogaCircle on this date revolves around the theme of self-realization

What is the self really?

How do I find my truth?

How do I make my dreams come true?

Our path(s) to self-realization

Yogakreis Inti Yoga



Through yoga we come into the glow and create this ideal framework to go into connection with each other. An evening full of relaxation, joy & connection.

Thursday 10.02. 19:30 - 21:30

We open the circle

Small yoga sequence with meditation

Impulse talk by Jessy & Bene on the current topic

Time for exchange, questions, input

The number of participants is limited. The event is free of charge.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you!


The workshops take place online at your home.

Love, Jessy & Ben ♥